Gamcel/Gamtel Still In Crisis


GAMTEL subsidiary, GAMCEL, should have been the leading internet service provider of the country because of its backing by the host of the broadband network that is indispensable to the internet service.

Up to today those with money cannot purchase GAMCEL credit. The company undoubtedly is losing millions and customer confidence.

Many people would like to give support to the national internet service provider because of patriotism. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to rely on GAMCEL alone for communication.

If this crisis continues it would be hard to imagine how GAMCEL could compete in the market for survival not to mention paying dividend to its parent organisation. The concern of the population had to be taken up by Foroyaa after days of waiting for the matter to be resolved. Foroyaa’s investigation has revealed the reason why GAMCEL cannot sell to its customers.

The problem of the billing system is the cause of the problem as made evident in the story. We hope the authorities will be able to address this problem in its totality without any possibility of recurrence.