Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Gambia’s King of Arena: ‘I’m Not Fighting Baye Mandione with the Crown’


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By Sulayman Bah

Hoyantan has clarified his coveted crown is not at stake in his battle with Senegal’s Baye Mandione.

The two are due to face off December 15 at the Bakau Independence Stadium after being signed by promoter Jamaican.

Baye Mandioye of club Thiaroye in a previous interview provocatively suggested he should be given Gambia’s top wrestling prize if he goes on to emerge victorious on D-day.

Hoyantan, however, has responded saying his crown which he snatched off the grasp of Leket Bu Barra, is not on the line as his opponent claims.

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‘I am not fighting over Gambia’s King of arena crown with Baye Mandione. This is an individual fight. If I heard no confidence, I definitely wouldn’t have bothered signing the deal that now bonds us to a fight. The confidence I have is reason for my decision to battle Baye Mandione, and after him, I will still take a better wrestler than him,’ he said in a latest interview.

The duo have been scheduled to slug it out initially September this year but a setback on the part of the promoter prompted stretch of the fight to next month but on the agreed condition both wrestlers will be beefed up with an additional D20,000 to make up for the delay.

Hoyantan hopes to use this clash as springboard to get noticed in the Senegalese arena .

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