Gambia’s House of Fashion Prepares to Showcase Designs of Gambian Tailors


With Makutu Manneh

Welcome to another edition of the Arts and Culture, the Column that seeks to promote Arts, Music and Culture in the Gambia. In this edition of the Column, we will feature young Gambian fashion designers at Gambia’s House of Fashion, who are preparing to showcase various fashion designs of Gambian Tailors on July 9th 2021.

This years’ show which is the 4th Edition, is called ‘Tobaski Fashion Night’ ‘Gamhouse’ of Fashion expects to display the products of ten designers on a runway.

For the information of the reader, ‘Gamhouse’ of Fashion is a group of Gambian designers who came together to form the association with the aim of executing and showcasing their talents on different platforms and to support each other and to be operational in all the regions of the country.

“Tobaski Fashion Night is created to showcase the different kinds of outfits for the tobaski and all other feasts,” said Modou M. Sarr, ‘Gamhouse’ of Fashion coordinator.

Morr Ngeran, a Gambian fashion designer wants Gambians to know that they have talent and whatever design they look for outside the country, can be made here.

“We want Gambians to know that the association belongs to all because it is here to promote the country’s talent,” he said.

Tala Willane, one of the sponsors and fashion designer said the association is to support and promote Gambian fashion designers in the country and believes that they are moving in the right direction. He said as group of designers, they want Government and Gambians to support them to achieve their goals.