Gambians Turning 18 By December 4th To Vote In Presidential Election


By Ndey Sowe

Alieu Momar Njie, the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), has revealed that Gambians who will turn eighteen years old by December 4th, 2021 will be registered as voters in the upcoming presidential election in 2021.

“We are saying that everybody who is eighteen above or will be eighteen from December 4th will be allowed to come and register and will get his/her voter card on the spot,” he said.

Njie made the remarks on Thursday, 4th January, 2021 during the launching of the Open Society Forum The Gambia (OSFG) voter registration campaign.

Chairman Njie said to register, one must have a birth certificate, ID card or passport, and those in urban Gambia can get any of these attestations from the Alkalolu or chiefs, likewise those in Greater Banjul Area.

“Very soon we will be going all over the country for one and half month to make sure everybody is registered and get your voter card on the spot,” he said.

Commenting on the delay of voter registration, Chairman Njie said they are working hard to ensure the process is undertaken as soon as possible.

“When we decide or know when the voter registration will take place, we will ensure that everybody is informed on time, because election starts with voting,” he said.

Njie said since last year, they programed to ensure those in the diaspora will vote.

He said: “In our activities that we programed, it was to take place in July this year that we will go all over the world where most Gambians are to come and vote.”

Njie assured that with the help of government the diaspora will be part and parcel of the electoral system; not only to vote but be voted for as well.

“There are plans to have those in the diaspora to be voted for into parliament in The Gambia like Senegal,” he revealed.

Njie also said having an informed electorate is a plus for any electoral activity, because it promotes public participation, transparency and confidence in the process.

He promised that the IEC will continue to make the clarion call that “Election is the Business of All”, therefore they called for the full collaboration of all stakeholders in the electoral process.

Njie further assured that the commission would continue to serve the Gambian electorate efficiently and diligently.