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With Mamour Mbenga “Yesterday was yesterday hits the Swedish Media”Sulayman Sallah alias Righteous In this edition of Foroyaa Arts and Music, the columnist conducted an online interview with a Gambian Swedish artiste. Read on to find out who this artiste is. Foroyaa: Introduce yourself to our readers? Righteous: My name is Sulayman Sallah alias Righteous D’Affirmative. Foroyaa: What inspired you to become an artiste? Righteous: Music is part of my life and the most thing I love doing daily. Foroyaa: When did you start taking music as a career? Righteous: I actually started taking it seriously in 2009, but I was busy on research and composing songs. Foroyaa: Did you study music as an academic subject? Righteous: No, but I have been researching both on theory and practical. Foroyaa: In which year was your first song recorded? Righteous: I produced my first single entitled ‘any way you want it’ in 2009 produced by le chef’s. Foroyaa: How many songs have you recorded? Righteous: I have been recording for a long time and so far I produced more than fifty songs including combinations with other artistes. Foroyaa: Tell us your promotional singles? Righteous: I only released one promotional single entitled “yesterday was yesterday” and was produced by team celebrity production mix and master by Senami and Jones Foroyaa: What messages do you sing in your songs? Righteous: My messages in my songs always educate and entertain. Foroyaa: Are you working with a music group? Or are you a solo artiste? Righteous: I’m working as a solo artiste but also am having a movement called roots manifest, a music gang and a branch under the umbrella of team celebrity which is a music record label based in Sweden Stockholm. Foroyaa: What type of music genre are you doing? Righteous: I am versatile as I’m practicing both genres, hip-hop and reggae dancehall. Foroyaa: Are you signed by team celebrity? Righteous: I’m not signed by the label officially because we are a new independent label and we own it, as we are few members managing it. Foroyaa: What is team celebrity all about? Righteous: Team celebrity is an entertainment entity and music record label based in Sweden and managed by young talents that are practising music as their career. Foroyaa: Who are the founders of team celebrity music record label? Righteous: The founders are I, myself with the assistance of Pa Badou, Marco, Khalid, Anon and Nube. Foroyaa: In which year was team celebrity formed? Righteous: Team celebrity was formed in 2014 by different music groups namely: Dope boi, maytigang, and roots manifest with is my crew. Foroyaa: Do you produce any music video? Righteous: Yes, I produced the new audio released yesterday which was produced by section red production and directed by Oliver White House. Foroyaa: How is the music business in Sweden? Righteous: Yes, as nothing comes easy if we do not work as a collective team, but any way things are moving to better stepping stone; as producers promoters, artistes and many more are really working hard. Foroyaa: What are your projects? Righteous: I’m working hard every day to make my music career on the front line but for now we are planning for team celebrity to release a mix tape. Foroyaa: Do you have a manager? Righteous: Team celebrity are managing my music. Foroyaa: Do you have link with Gambian artistes? Righteous: Yes only the once abroad but I’m also looking forward to link with Gambian artistes. Foroyaa: When was your last visit to the Gambia? Righteous: My last visit to the Gambia was in 2008. Foroyaa: Why are your songs are not known in the Gambia? Righteous: I’m just releasing my first official song but, they will be known soon as I am doing my pilot promotions globally with the team celebrity Foroyaa: When do you plan to visit The Gambia? Righteous: Sooner or later, I’m planning with the whole crew to visit The Gambia and organize shows, records with other Gambian artistes and even create a music record label if things turn out successful. Foroyaa: In which year were you born? Righteous: I was born in 1990 and brought up in Bakoteh. Foroyaa: Thanks for the interview, I hope to see you in the Gambia soon. Righteous: Thanks to Foroyaa newspaper for the promotion they have been giving to The Gambia globally. To know more about this artiste and his crew mates visit this website on team celebrity.]]>

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