Gambian sprinter breaks personal timing


By Sulayman Bah A Gambian athlete over the weekend broke his personal timing as he  Adama Jammehreveled at the International Amateur Athletics Federation Challenge, Foroyaa Sport can report. Held at Senegal’s administrative capital Dakar, Adama Jammeh – Gambia’s sole participant in the one-day event – has broken his personal best timing of 10.91 to 10:20 in the 100m before finishing second in the 200m. Considered one of the Gambia’s top track assets after Suwaibou Sanneh, the emerging sensation from the country’s Prison Service, outraced Mark Jelks from Nigeria, Zambia’s Kafunda, South Africa’s Emile and Jose Carlos Herrera from Mexico to settle for a second place in 20.75 timing in the 200m. The recent feat in Senegal will only add to the ace’s accolades, including gold medals won in previous contests. Jammeh, it could be recalled, was one of five athletes to be offered scholarships to enhance their training as Gambia targets to send representatives in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.]]>