Sunday, March 26, 2023

Gambian Farmers Cry Over Cost of Fertilizer


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Abdoulie G. Dibba Farmers have lamented the cost of fertilizer which they said is beyond theirCost of Fertilizer means. The informed farmers recently Foroyaa that a 50kg bag of fertilizer is being sold at D1, 250 this year which is not affordable to many. The farmers contend that without applying adequate fertilizer, on time, increased productivity could not be attained and food self sufficiency or food security would not be guaranteed. Some farmers who spoke to this reporter in the North Bank and Central River regions have disclosed that fertilizer was available in the Gambia in the last week of the month of August, adding that the high cost and lateness are cause for worry, especially when no advice is forthcoming regarding the unseasonal rain pattern this year. They said a 50kg bag of compound fertilizer is being sold at D1100 and D1, 250 for the Urea. When contacted, Alhagi Gambi Jack, the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Gambia Groundnut Corporation (GGC) confirmed the arrival of their fertilizer which, he said, is available at the respective seccos around the country. Regarding the prices, Mr Jack said urea fertilizer is selling at D1, 250 per 50kg bag and compound fertilizer is costing D1, 100 per 50kg bag. The Coordinator of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Project (WAAPP), Mr Lamin Jobe, , said they too are selling fertilizer up country. He said the price for urea fertilizer is D1, 250 per 50kg bag and compound fertilizer is costing D1, 100.  ]]>

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