Gambian Association to Commemorate International Day of Sickle Cell Disease


By Nelson Manneh

The Sickle Cell Association Banjul Chapter is set to commemorate international day of sickle cell disease in the country, which is slated for 19th June 2021 under the theme: “Knowledge is Power”. 

Established in August 2007, the association aims to raise the awareness of sickle cell disease in The Gambia, to positively impact on the lives of individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease. 

Alieu Badara W. Sambou, the vice president of the association said in January 2008, the articles of corporation and by-laws of the association were amended to meet the requirements to set up the Sickle Cell Association Banjul Chapter (The Gambia).

“The Sickle Cell Association Banjul Chapter (The Gambia) has been established with four (4) primary objectives which include Testing & Screening; Case Management; Genetic Counseling; and Public Outreach and Education,” he said. “Everything we do at the Sickle cell Association Banjul is to improve the quality of life and empower individuals and families of those affected by sickle cell disease. We believe that through education, we can move towards a world free of health, economic and social disparities caused by sickle cell disease.”