Friday, December 3, 2021

Gambian Arena: Manduwar Lined up to face Sanneh


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By Sulayman Bah

Manduwar is being touted to square with wrestler Sanneh in what is being tipped to be a thrilling clash.

The Gambian arena is on a brief sabbatical with the Hoyantan-France combat capping it off just before set out of the Muslim holy month, Ramadan.

Manduwar facing Sanneh

Duels aren’t being anticipated in the rains but it could see the arena break away from tradition by signing and conducting bouts possibly this month.

Manduwar facing Sanneh is already on the microscope and there is strong conviction finer details of the contract binding the two to a fight is on the brink of being finalised, according to an official source.

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Both are coming on the back of defeats with Manduwar losing to Leket on warnings while Sanneh got routed by Banjul-based France in a scintillating revenge combat.

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