Gambia University Resumes Lectures


By Amadou Manjang 

The University of The Gambia is to resume lectures this week following undue delay.

Vice Chancellor Prof Herbert Robinson said the resumption of lectures is to minimise the loss of lecture time for the students. 

The University was supposed to start lectures on 11 September for continuing students and 18 September for new students.

The date for the commencement of lectures for the Faraba Campus has been rescheduled for 2 October 2023. The change of date was due to the university’s new campus in Faraba Banta yet to be completed. The different university schools at Brikama including the School of Arts and Science, Education, Agriculture, and the School of Business and Public Administration will all move to Faraba.

The delay in the start of the lectures compelled the students’ union to call a press conference to express concern over the delay and urged the university management to commence lectures to avoid further time loss.

The Vice-Chancellor stated that lectures will continue to be held at the Brikama and Kanifing Campus until the Faraba Campus is ready for use.

He said: “The university is aware of the prevailing space constraints, but will endeavour to optimise the use of the existing facilities located at the Brikama and Kanifing campuses as well as the old building in the Faraba Banta campus. Lectures will continue atFaraba when the facilities become operational with effect from 2 October 2023.”

The vice Chancellor also stated that when the new Faraba Campus is ready, lectures will not be held at the Brikama or Kanifing campuses.  

Many students have raised concerns that the new university timetable for the semester will leave many students without classrooms to attend lectures, with concerns of inadequate spaces to house all the lectures. The University uses the facilities of the Gambia College to hold lectures.