Gambia to host Northwest Africa female Cricket tourney


By Sulayman Bah

Gambia is due to host the northwest Africa Female Cricket competition this month.Gambia to host Northwest Africa female Cricket tourney

The championship, in its first edition, will see four countries namely Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Mali vying for the stakes.

The tourney to run from October 31st to November 15th will be held at the MRC cricket grounds in Fajara and the July 22nd square cricket grounds, Banjul. The Gambian team has since kick-started training at the July 22nd square.

Cricket has been on the upward scale with the country’s cricket association overseeing numerous other programs.

Only recently, 18 participants drawn from various sporting disciplines were groomed on financial management on a day ICC/ACA CAP Module II course.

Speaking at the event Cricket boss Johnny Gomez urged attendees to adopt sensible financial policies and processes irrespective of size of their organisations while lauding ICCA/ACA Africa for their backing.

The session dealt with a legion of topics with Johnny Gomez and Wilfred Riley of Cricket association as administrator and assistant respectively.