Gambia to Deploy Over 4000 Security Personnel for OIC Summit


By Makutu Manneh 

President Adama Barrow has on Monday informed the media that the Gambia will deploy over four thousand (4000) security personnel for the forthcoming Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to be held in The Gambia from 4th to 5th May 2024.

“It will be the biggest security deployment in our history pertaining to an event that will be hosted in this country,” the President said. 

The head of state emphasised that the Government prioritises security and this is why “We are not taking it lightly.” The President disclosed that all security institutions including cyberspace are all being engaged. He added that some of the securities from other counties are already in The Gambia working to make sure that they maintain peace and security in the country especially during the OIC summit period. He said one of the countries supporting The Gambia in the area of security is Morocco, adding that the Gambia’s security is equally being empowered. 

“I think we are ready to host the summit. We are doing everything possible to make sure we host a very successful OIC summit. Overall we are ready to host,” He said. 

The President boasted that the Gambia is a small country, but the desire they have is to prove to the world that they can host big international events. He said it is going to be a historic event for the Gambia as she is going to host it for the first time.

President Barrow said the Summit will put Gambia on the map and it will be visible as the country will be on headlines for hosting the summit. 

He went on to say The Gambia has already benefited from the OIC Summit as a conference centre has been built and brings in income for the country and the same goes for the road expansions. 

He said another benefit is that the Gambia will be Chair for the coming three years in which they will chair and manage the OIC affairs coupled with hosting other meetings. 

He called on the Gambians to come together to make the event a success as it is going to be a big achievement for the country.