Gambia Teachers Union (GTU) Takes A Step In The Right Direction


Information reaching Foroyaa is that the Gambia Teachers Union held talks with the teachers’ task force, which is playing a leading role in the sit down strike of the teachers. This is a step in the right direction, especially since the teachers’ task force has been complaining that they have not been well received by their union all this while.

After all, the GTU is the organisation that is supposed to represent the interest of the teachers, not to be the mouthpiece of the government. They are the mouths and ears of their members and should leave their doors open to all and sundry. Leadership means empathizing with the concerns of the general membership, being at the forefront and providing solutions to their problems.

Although there is not yet an agreement, with sincerity there is bound to be a solution. The process needs to be speeded up so that learning can resume as soon as possible. The students are also suffering just like their teachers.  

Needless to say, the demand of new Gambia is that elected representatives and appointees in position of authority are servants of the people not masters and mistresses. They are obliged to listen to their concerns and look for solutions.