“Gambia Spends Over D931 Million from Covid-19 Monies,” says Mambury Njie


By Momodou Jarju

Mambury Njie, the minister of finance and economic affairs, has informed the national assembly members in Banjul on Wednesday that the country has spent over 931 million dalasi from the monies allocated to combat the novel coronavirus called COVID-19.

The minister’s disclosure was in response to the questions raised by Serrekunda lawmaker, Halifa Sallah, who asked him to stipulate the total amount of funds received or allocated by the Government to combat COVID-19 from onset of the pandemic to date.

Mr. Njie responded that the total money available is over one billion dalasis, out of which more than 931 million has been spent so far.

“The total is one billion and forty-eight million, five hundred and seventy-one thousand, two hundred and three dalasis. Out of that, D931, o26, 142.20 has been spent,” he said.

He said the sum of D860, 365, 572. 14 was payment towards the purchase of rice, sugar, cooking oil and other logistics cost of the food support package of the Covid-19.

Speaking further, Njie said the total national donation that they are yet to spend is D11, 205, 850.00.

He said the monies are from both national and international sources.