Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Gambia Release Intercepted Fishing Vessel


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By Mustapha Jallow

Army spokesperson, Lamin K. Sanyang, has on Monday said a fishing that was intercepted by the Navy after it was caught fishing in a prohibited zone with an unauthorized net size within the southern waters of The Gambia on 16th February 2020, has been released by Government.

He said the vessel (Gorede) was on 2 March released by the authorities after the crew paid the fine imposed on them.

“The interception came as a result of fishing within our waters with the wrong fishing net (small mesh size),’’ he added.

He said the vessel is legally registered to fish in “our waters, but the only issue is the violation of conditions of the fishing license they were issued with to fish in this country.’’

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However, at the time of going to press, the Fisheries department was contacted for comment, but its Permanent Secretary – Dr. Bamba A.M Banja said he was not aware of the development as they are currently on a mission up-country.

The vessel was earlier escorted to the sea-port, where it was berthed at the Fisheries Jetty under the guard of the Gambian navy.

This year, 6 foreign vessels were intercepted by Gambian authorities on “Christmas day” when they were found fishing in a prohibited area in the internal waters of The Gambia between Nuaimi Jinack and Barra.

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