Sunday, October 17, 2021

Gambia Registers Two COVID-19 Related Deaths, 12 New Cases


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By Nelson Manneh 

The Gambia on Tuesday 21st September 2021 registered two (2) new COVID-19-related deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to three hundred and thirty-four (334). 

The country on the same day also registered twelve (12) new cases, bringing the total to nine thousand and nine hundred (9,900). The positivity test rate is 1.2%. Of the total new cases registered, six (6) were males, six (6) females with ages ranging from 19 – 91 years. 

This is the 372nd national situation report since the confirmation of the first case of COVID-19 in The Gambia, on the 16th March 2020. Nine (9) cases are currently on oxygen therapy.

For reasons of testing, five (5) tested for travelling, three (3) for suspicion of covid-19 and four (4) for unspecified reasons.

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One (1) case was newly discharged from treatment centres, while 6 got discharged at least 10 days from the day they tested positive, but evaded institutional isolation and no new contacts were traced and monitored.

As of 18th September 2021, a total of 10.9% of the total national target population are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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