“Gambia National Library needs to relocate”, says GNLSA DG

By Makutu Manneh

Matilda Johnson, Gambia National Library Service Authority Director General on Monday said the National Library needs to be relocated to Kombo.

“We need to move from this place, a National Library should not be in such an environment”, she said.

She said their environment is sometimes flooded during the rainy season. She said the Library is situated in a swampy area and that they normally come across dangerous animals.

However, she alluded that the current National Library could be maintained as a branch for Banjul as there are schools around it.

He continued to say that the National Library should be somewhere in the Kombos since people are migrating to Kombo and that they also need to move along.

She suggested that the MDI Road is a perfect place as the place is easily accessible.

She said the facility lacks sponsorship, adding Library studies is not seen as important.

Mrs. Johnson urged the government to consider their staff for training.

“Students who have passed through the National Library and are now in positions and know the benefits,” she said.

She advised the youths to make the Library their home and not to come to the facility only when they are in exams.

She also called on them not to only depend on the internet, but also to read the physical books.