Friday, December 3, 2021

Gambia-based Bahsoon Appointed Co-president of World Boxing Union Africa


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By Sulayman Bah

Gambia-based Michael Bahsoon has been appointed one of the top bosses of World Boxing Union Africa.

Bahsoon, doubling as head of Alpha Male Sports Entertainment, takes up the post along with his deputy Hope Ikpoku.

They would be serving as co-presidents of the Africa boxing union.

The development followed their huge contributions in the sport.

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With this new trajectory, the leadership of the union is ardent on bring forth the World Boxing titles to the continent.

‘This is a big opportunity –an opportunity that would bring them (boxers) to make enough money so that they can have a legacy themselves. So this is bigger than just boxing. It’s an opportunity that wasn’t there before. We know we have African champions that can bring those belts which will make a big deal for Africa,’ Michael says.

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