Saturday, April 1, 2023

Gambia Armed Forces Deny Allegation of Favouritism in Selection of Cadet Officers


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By Yankuba Jallow

The public relations officer of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) Major Lamin K. Sanyang has denied the allegation that the recent selection of cadet officers was based on favouritism and not merit.

Anonymous members of the Armed Forces have alleged that the selection process of cadet officers by GAF was marred with nepotism by GAF’s top brass, but the spokesperson said the information is not true. They alleged that the process was a ‘family business’ because some failed during the selection process, but they were recalled because of their affiliation and family ties with some of the senior officers particularly those who composed the selection board. They said the requirement for selection was a minimum of bachelor’s degree, but the process was soiled with favouritism because some of the selected cadet officers have diploma while others only have Grade 12 Certificate. The dissatisfied soldiers said the selection was done before the announcement for the selection was made, adding that the announcement was a mere formality and propaganda. They described the process of the selection as fraud.

“Some of them were rejected, but with time they were recalled and selected. This is very unfair because they don’t meet the requirements for the selection,” the soldiers said.

Major Sanyang said the allegations are not true, adding that the selection process was transparent. Sanyang told Foroyaa that he was a member of the board that did the selection of the cadet officers.

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“All those selected have fulfilled the criteria for selection. The allegation is not true,” Sanyang said.

He urged all those who believe that there was favouritism during the selection of the cadet officers to come forward and table it before the GAF and thereafter, the matter will be investigated and then proper action will be taken.

“The process was transparent. In fact, this is the most transparent one I have ever participated,” Sanyang said.

He said the allegation is not true and he called on any person including members of the Gambia Armed Forces to come up with facts.

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