Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Gambia And Its International Partners Should They Not Give The New Government A Chance?


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The threats and acts of deportation emanating from European and US governments are posing challenges to the Barrow administration. Deportation of Gambians abroad was associated with maladministration and disregard for fundamental rights and freedoms by the previous administration.

Many Gambians had hoped that a change of government through the ballot box would lead to more tolerance of Gambians who are already living in foreign countries. One would have expected a memorandum of understanding that would allow Gambians who are already abroad to be given legal documents if they had entered illegally before the commencement of the new administration.

The memorandum would have shown how legal entry is effected and further encourage Gambians to adhere to such processes. As it stands many Gambians are isolated in unsuitable confinement waiting for deportation. The minister of foreign affairs should find out what its envoys are doing to protect such Gambians and give periodic press releases to calm the nerves of the loved ones at home and abroad.

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