GAF Release Military Guards Arrested After Break in at Defence Headquarters


By Mustapha Jallow

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) have released several military guards who were arrested following a break in at one of the offices at Defence Headquarters in Banjul which led to fuel coupons worth D300,000 missing at the said office.

The army spokesperson Major K. Sanyang said: “They (guards) have been released to go back to work on Monday.”

He said the decision to release the soldiers came after investigators realised that the guards have not connection with the theft case.

He added that the said guards were freed on Friday (8th May 2020), adding the soldiers will be reporting to work on Monday (11th May 2020).

According to the army spokesperson, two Corporals who were also picked-up in connection with the same matter are still detained as investigation continues.

The two Corporals are: Sarjo Conteh and Corporal Ismaila Saidyfaye.

It could be recalled that the military guards who were on duty at Defence HQ on 8th March, were rounded-up following a break-in at GAF headquarters in Banjul.

“These are none commissioned soldiers. They are in charge of the security of the defence headquarters,” the army spokesperson said.

On 23rd April, two soldiers who were arrested in connection with the issue have been released by the Army.

The two are Corporal Sulayman Sanyang from GAF Clerk room and Sergeant Fafa Ceesay from GAF communication unit.