GACH Donates Over D100, 000 to Brufut, Kartong Sport Committees


By Mustapha Jallow 

The GACH mining company has donated over one hundred thousand dalasis to Brufut and Kartong sports committees. GACH donated D85, 000 to the former and D50, 000 to the latter. The mining company has in the same vein donated D100, 000 to Brufut Village Development Committee (VDC).

The donations were aimed at helping the company fulfill its corporate social responsibility as well as contribute to national development, especially in sports and communities.  

Lamin Basse Bojang, who received the cash donations on behalf of Brufut sports committee on August 26th, 2023, thanked GACH for the help while assuring that the donation will go a long way in addressing their sporting needs. 

“We are looking forward to many fruitful engagements with you,’’ he said. 

Amadou Manneh, GACH site manager in the West Coast Region, outlined their intention of building a cordial relationship with the community to bring development to them, through financial and material support.

“I am very happy to bring this donation to Brufut Sports and Village Development Committee… I will always help communities to foster better relationships,” he said.  

Ousman Camara, a representative from Kartong sports committee, also thanked GACH for the gesture and for contributing to the community development.