Saturday, December 4, 2021

G4 Security Guards Claim Unlawful Termination Of Service


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By Kebba Secka

About nineteen (19) former G4 Security Guards walked to Foroyaa’s offices on Wednesday 18th July and claimed wrongful termination of their contract by their employer. The security guards added that the company did not write to them but has only informed them verbally that their services have been terminated. ”We were called by the company’s Human Resource Manager, Fatou Jagne who informed us that the manager of the company has decided with effect from Monday 4th June to terminate our services from the contract list,” said the spokesperson of the group Sanna.

According to the group, the reason for the termination of their services was due to some concerns they raised for the management to consider, which were geared towards improving their welfare in the service and livelihood. They explained that they have been engaging the management of G4S to fulfill their promises by paying them their pending leave allowances for the year 2016 and also for their salaries to be increased. They recalled in May this year when the manager of the company engage them in a meeting and categorically stated in the meeting that he would not increase salaries because the company does not have money to do it. They further explained that the meeting with the company’s managers in May which lasted for long hours bore no fruit as the manager showed them unwillingness to consider their demands.

Moreover, the group is demanding for all their benefits to be paid to them if the company permanently wishes to terminate their service from the contract list. They also raised concerns that the company needs to explain to them why the total sum on the claim benefits form is different from the bank cheques used to cash their money. ”We refused to sign on the benefits claim form because the sum on the form is different from the cheques given to us and in as much as you agree to sign, your termination letter is given to you,” said Adama Bojang. Bojang also alleged that sometime ago somebody signed as recipient for his pending leave allowance for 2016 but that when the HR Manager invited the Guard Commander to shed light on the allegation he could not defend himself. He said the Guard Commander is responsible for officers’ payment of allowances. He further stated that in order to confirm that it was not his signature, he took out his bank receipts and compared it with the signature on the form. According to Bojang, when he compared them to his bank’s receipts, it seemed that somebody received his money.

Furthermore, the group is calling on the government and department of labour to intervene so that what rightfully belongs to them be given to them. ”We are calling on the authorities particularly the department of labour to intervene in ensuring that our rights are not violated. We were coping under a difficult situation just to have something to live on with our families. Therefore, if the company terminates our services let them pay us all of our benefits,” said Sanna. They said none of them was paid leave allowance in 2016 and it was an agreement in their contract that they are entitle to annual leave or being paid in failing to go for leave.

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Foroyaa visited G4S Company in Fajara to shed light on the allegations but all efforts proved futile as this reporter could not speak to the manager or any senior officer of the company.

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