By Mustapha Jallow Information has it that the pump prices of fuel have been increased on 1st Fuel Pump Prices IncreaseSeptember, 2014. This is the second time fuel price is increased in 2014. Visiting five petrol stations at different locations in the Kanifing Municipality,to find out the current prices yesterday, 4th of September, this reporter found out that the Galp petrol station in Churchill’s Town which used to sell diesel at 55.59 per litre now sells at D56.59 per litre while the petrol which used to be sold at58.52 now sells at D58.77 per litre. The Total Petrol Station at Dippa Kunda and the Total Petrol station in Latrikunda Sabiji, all sell diesel at D56.59 per litre and petrol at D58.77per litre. The Galp Petrol station in Latrikunda Sabiji is selling Diesel at D56.09 per litre while petrol is being sold at D58.27 per litre. The cause of the current increase in fuel prices is unknown . However, Mr. Abdou Kolley, the then Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, while soliciting the approval of the NAMs for a D300 million dalasi Supplementary Appropriation Bill for 2013, told the deputies that out of the 300 million dalasis, an amount of D189million will be financed through the gradual increase of petroleum pump price to ensure the near elimination of the subsidy by year end 2013. It was also reported by this medium that in 2013, the fuel pump price was increased six (6) times , prompting an increase in fares by the commercial drivers.]]>