Friday, December 3, 2021

Frequent power outage sabotages Real de Banjul, Hawks derby


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By Sulayman Bah

Real de Banjul versus Hawks is one of the country premier league’s biggest derby games however the match didn’t end without frequent power outage sabotaging it.

Held at the Independence Stadium, so much laid at stake with Real de Banjul chasing to close further in on table-topping Gamtel FC.

But the game, staged in the evening, didn’t attract much following and the paltry turn of supporters who attended walked out of the pitch after the stadium lights cut.

The remnants who initially stayed on also had to leave for home following another power outage in the second-half in the hope that the game would be rescheduled another time.

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The stands were virtually empty despite the referee insisting on the match continuing, with twenty-minutes from time.

Players of both teams had to indulge in impromptu warm-ups on each of the occasions the lights went off to avoid cooling off.

Real de Banjul ended up grabbing the spoils on a lone goal with forward Ebrima Jatta’s header doing the damage.

In other matches on the same day, Gamtel spanked Bombada 3-1 while Fortune sashayed past Biko on 2-0.

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