Four people recovered from COVID-19 Reducing the total number of active cases from 10 to 6


By Nelson Manneh

Four COVID-19 patients have recovered from the virus leaving six others undergoing treatment.

So far, The Gambia has recorded twenty-five positive cases of the Coronavirus in which one died, eighteen recoveries and six active cases. One hundred and one (101) persons are currently under quarantine.

“No new laboratory-confirmed case of the COVID-19 has been registered and we are currently left with six COVID-19 active cases,” said Dr Mustapha Bittaye, the Director of Health Services at the Ministry of Health.

Dr Bittaye said all the fifty-three new laboratory test results they have received are negative ones.

“Five new persons were newly taken in to quarantine whiles ten persons were discharged after testing negative for COVID-19 upon completion of their mandatory quarantine period,” he said.

He said all the newly quarantined persons were Gambians who recently returned to the country.

Globally, Director Bittaye said since 31st December 2019 and as of 25st May 2020, a total of five million five hundred and eighty-two thousand four hundred and four cases of COVID-19 have been recorded.

“Of these three hundred and forty-seven thousand five hundred and sixty-three deaths were registered and two million three hundred and sixty-one thousand and eighty-two recovered from the diseases,” he said.

He said Senegal recorded three thousand one hundred and thirty confirmed cases, one thousand five hundred and fifteen recoveries and thirty-five deaths.

Currently, Dr Bittaye said The Gambia has so far conducted one thousand seven hundred and ten tests in which twenty-five are positive, four hundred and sixty-three people completed quarantine, seven hundred and eighty-nine contacts traced and three hundred and ten people completed follow-ups.