Foundation Provides Eye Care Services


By Louise Jobe

Al- Masih Gambia Foundation on September 16 provided eye care services as well as trained ten people to administer basic eye exams and prescribe glasses at their training centre at Madiba Mall in Brufut.

According to Pastor Mariama, the secretary of Al- Masih Gambia Foundation, they have a limited supply of a variety of eyeglasses, and they will accept a nominal fee of two hundred (D200.00) per pair of eyeglasses distributed, to help offset costs and ensure the continuity of the program. 

She also gave a brief history of the Foundation and said it was established to carry out humanitarian work in the country. 

“We are trying to work with the Ministry in order to carry out clothing and blanket distribution, including food distribution, to help Schools and the needy, to paint School buildings, and to help them with desk and chair repairs. We have also drilled (33) boreholes for villages in the country,” she explained. 

According to her, they have administered one hundred and ninety eye examinations in different communities in Kombo South District and other areas, and prescribed eyeglasses for all those seen, and they will be doing more before the end of September 2023. 

David Smith, a retired Assembly of God Medical Missionary and trainer, said the eye care program was a global one, and that is why they need to train people who will replace them when they leave. He added that the most significant part of the exercise is to help those who cannot see by providing them with eyeglasses to improve their eyesight. 

Teddy Ajeroo, one of the beneficiaries, said this was a great opportunity for one to benefit from and be examined and provided with eyeglasses that can significantly improve one’s eyesight.