Farewell Fatou Jawo!!!!!     On Saturday 23rd August 2014, the sad news was received that Fatou Jawo, Foroyaa’s cleaner has left us. She was waiting to get Barium Sulphate in order to have a test conducted on her after months of battle against ill health and it was said to be out of stock in the hospital. She was scheduled to do the test at a private medical facility on Saturday at 3 pm. She succumbed to her illness before the appointed time. She was buried on Sunday, 24th August 2014. The departure of Fatou is seen as a great lost to those who knew this humble, spirited, friendly, cheerful, dignified and industrious young woman. She was always full of laughter, self confidence and hope. She was an embodiment of fortitude, moral dexterity, unwaveringness in matters of principle and dutifulness to family and children to whom she gave every ounce of her energy, putting luxury aside and the future of her children uppermost in her words and deeds, until she lay peacefully in her grave knowing that she has done her best to live a life of virtue and service to family and country until death separated her from the people she loved most. She will remain in the minds and hearts of all those who know her value until we join her in the eternal world of the just and clean-hearted of the world.  ]]>