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major significance arise. Foroyaa’s primary concern is the situation of the nation and the people, raising its voice whenever their rights are violated or their economic or social condition deteriorate; pointing lapses in institution building within a democratic framework whenever it arises. Foroyaa’s interest is the building of a vibrant democratic state with a free media, free and fair elections, checks and balances, and all the attributes of good governance that accompany the building of a sound economic base. Talking about condemning the attempted coup is neither here or there. When the then Lieutenant Jammeh and his group staged a coup Foroyaa did not condemn. The primary concern then was how to return to democratic civilian rule. Hence not only did we make it clear that we will not take part in a government that has taken power behind the back of the people. We went further to contribute towards the movement to democratic rule. Our effort after this armed attack is to expose every violation of the rights of the people and promote the rule of law and not to engage in condemnation of unconstitutional change of government just to please the power that be.  ]]>

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‘Myelopathy’ Patient Still Solicit Assistance For Overseas Treatment

By: Aja Musu Bah 40-year-old Myelopathy patient, Sheikh Tijan Njie, solicits immediate assistance for overseas treatment and to ameliorate the...
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