Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Foroyaa Has Opened This Column For Political Debate On Divergent Views, A Political Debate That Is Enriching, Enlightening And Free From Insults, That Is Geared Towards Nurturing A New Gambian In Order To Build A New Gambia


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Divergent views help readers to grow. It is unfortunate that many young people today would want to engage in polemics but have not encountered serious battle of views to enable them to defend their positions. Hence, they resort to dismissive tendencies which often result in covering unpleasant facts with angry invectives.

This column is still open to views, which we have not received for some time now. But we will continue the debate as soon as the views begin to flow again.

Read Previous: https://foroyaa.net/foroyaa-has-opened-this-column-for-political-debate-on-divergent-views-a-political-debate-that-is-enriching-enlightening-and-free-from-insults-that-is-geared-towards-nurturing-a-new-gambian-in-orde/

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