Foroyaa asked Halifa Sallah what message he has for Africa Liberation day and he responded as follows:



“ The last message I sent to the organisers of the programme I attended on Africa Liberation Day is fitting to share. This is the moment we have been waiting for .The clarion call of those who harnessed the treasures of their might and mind and invested their blood for us to be free must be heard by a generation that has all the opportunities to build an Africa that we will all be proud to call our homeland. Otherwise we are doomed forever to be among the wretched of the earth. Nothing stands between us and our emancipation other than our ignorance and disorganization. We will be free and prosperous whenever we decide to confront and overcome our ignorance and disunity in the face of overwhelming availability of natural minerals and human resources.

The Century would be ours, if we will it to be, not because of the pursuit of superiority over others but because of our readiness to share it with all, to celebrate our common humanity.

Until our path cross again may we all remain inspired until we meet for Africa’s sake, in grace to add a kilometer or more in building that everlasting pathway to liberty, dignity and prosperity.