Shopping Mall Inaugurated at Tipper Garage


By Sailu Bah First of its kind in the Gambia, a multi-million dollar Shopping Mall with a capacity of about 108 stalls and a mosque and other facilities, is being built at the former Tipper garage in Serekunda.Shopping Mall Ansumana, the Gambian Ambassador of Qatar linked this investor to the KMC. The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration inaugurated the Mall on behalf of the president of the Republic of the Gambia. The building has CCTV cameras and modern technology equipment with standard public toilets. In his welcoming remarks, the Mayor of the KMC Yankuba Colley opined that this structure would go a long way in providing employment opportunities to lots of young people. He assured his continuous support to the investors of the mall. He added that the 3 families who own the land where the mall is built were compensated with 2 million dalasis. “This is done to improve the income and the employment for the people within my municipality,” he said. Mayor Colley said the building comprises of restaurants, supermarkets, shopping stalls, mosque, car park with other facilities. Abdou Jobe, MOTIE, deputizing the president of the republic in his statement, said as part of the 20th anniversary of the July 22nd celebration, this is one of many developments that have been inaugurated. He said the government of the Gambia has created an enabling environment for business in the Gambia. He added that the public and the private sector contribute critically in the development of the economy of the country. “KMC provided the land for this iconic building which is strategically located, though it was very challenging in building this kind of building but it requires good engineering skills with capital to achieve this,” Minister Jobe said. In conclusion he thanked the KMC and the investor for coming up with what he described as this iconic building, that he said would provide employment opportunities for the people of the Gambia. Shopping Mall]]>