Former Independent Presidential Aspirant Endorses Halifa Sallah’s Presidential Bid


By: Kebba AF Touray

Alhagi Mamadi Kurang, a former independent presidential aspirant, has announced his endorsement of Halifa Sallah, Secretary General and presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) as his candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections scheduled for December 4.

Mr. Kurang made the declaration following the rejection of his nomination by the country’s electoral body, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Mr. Kurang said his decision to endorse Halifa Sallah was done after a thorough consultative process on the way forward with his supporters who include district chairpersons, students, young people, and other ordinary member during the past days.

Mr. Kurang expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to all and sundry from Koina to Kartong, who has contributed in one way or the other, since the time he started the journey for change.

“Since the unfortunate and unjustifiable decision of the IEC which we believe has no legal base, we need to move on after knowing our legal and political rights. As we consider the legal option on the decision of the IEC, we know we have no control over a judicial process in the manner, form and time it takes,” Mr. Kurang said; adding that they are aware that they have political rights which they will execute to the fullest on December 4.

“After several consultations, we agreed that if we have to make an endorsement, the policies, principles and plans of the party and candidate we are going to endorse needs to be looked into,” he said; that the competency and vision of the candidate is very important for them because they believe that they should join a candidate who they think can solve the economic woes of the country,” Mr. Kurang said.

“We also agreed that the identity of the person we are looking for is the one who can bring genuine change for the citizenry both at the presidential, national assembly and council election levels. must be identified and we must continue to participate in the upcoming elections; that after so many consultations with so many people, he came to the decision of unconditionally endorsing the PDOIS party’s presidential candidate Mr. Halifa Sallah, for the December 4 presidential elections”.

”I believe that Mr. Sallah has already committed himself to be going on retirement, and if we give him time as a one term president, he will no doubt commit himself to one term, and will bring institutional reforms and an equitable playing field that we have not been able to achieve since 2017.”

He also added that as an entrepreneur, economist and accountant, he wants to see a president who has the idea, competency and ability to identify the economic problems of the country, and provide the right solutions to them.

“We need someone who will fight and eradicate the country’s poverty and corruption, and give the citizenry universal access to education, both at the tertiary and primary levels, to be able to improve the life of young people of this country,” Mr. Kurang concluded.