Forex Trader Testifies in Aisha Fatty & Abdoulaye Thiam’s Case


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Amadou Matarr Jallow, a resident of Sukuta and a businessman, testified as the first plaintiff witness in the case involving Gambian business lady Aisha Fatty and Senegalese business tycoon Abdoulaye Thiam. The two business persons were in an intimate relationship, but Abdoulaye Thiam sued Aisha Fatty claiming millions of dalasi and recovery of properties including vehicles from Aisha Fatty.

The written statement of the witness (Amadou MatarrJallow) was already tendered in evidence and it was the turn of the lawyers of Aisha Fatty to cross-examine the witness.

Witness Jallow told the court he is engaged in the business of foreign exchange and he knows

Abdoulaye Thiam and Aisha Fatty, but he knew Aisha through Abdoulaye Thiam.

During cross-examination by Counsel Lamin S. Camara, the witness said he has limited proficiency in the English Language.

Jallow testified that he was the one who signed his documents. Regarding his 3 July 2022 affidavit (statement), Lawyer Camara asked the witness whether he mentioned that he lacked knowledge about and was unaware of the amount of money transferred to Aisha. Jallow answered in the positive. When asked about the relationship between Aisha and Abdoulaye, Jallow responded that he was unaware of any details regarding their relationship.

The witness was discharged by the court.  Abdoulaye Thiam’s lawyer Lamin Ceesay informed the court that they have filed a Notice of Motion seeking a court order to summon Lawyer AjiFamaTaal-Gaye to give evidence in the lawsuit. The motion, according to Lawyer Ceesay, outlined the importance of Mrs. Taal-Gaye’s testimony and her possession of relevant information pertaining to the case.

The motion was supported by an affidavit sworn by OusmanMbye, a clerk at Solie Law Chambers. Mbye stated that AjiFamaTaal-Gaye is a legal practitioner and a friend of Aisha Fatty. The deponent stated that Lawyer AjiFama has pertinent information regarding the subject matter of the suit as it is alleged that AjiFamaTaal-Gaye purchased some of the gold, which is under dispute, from Aisha Fatty and is believed to still possess them. The affidavit emphasised the necessity and significance of her testimony in resolving the case.

It was stated that unless Mrs. AjiFamaTaal-Gaye is summoned to testify, crucial evidence that could aid the court in making a fair ruling will be lost. Abdoulaye Thiam’s lawyer Ceesay said granting the application to summon her is seen as serving the interests of justice.