Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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The challenges being faced by the US after the counting of the votes cast during the Presidential elections 2020 is not as complex as it appears.

The states of the Union have their number of votes in the electoral college. Any candidate that has 270 electoral college votes acquires the right to assume the office of President.

The votes have already shown the winner. What is left is request for a recount and any subsequent court action to challenge any electoral malpractice.

Any self-respecting candidate would never engage in frivolous and vexatious calls for recounts and court action that would not overturn the current electoral outcome.

It is therefore hoped that the current situation is just an incremental  way  of digesting defeat and preparing for an exit , The future will tell whether President Trump  would exit by January 20th or become a rebel and create an impasse as had happened in the Gambia. The future will tell.

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