Five Members Reported To Be Nominated


A press release issued by the Office of the President indicates that the following have been nominated to be members of the National Assembly by the President of the Republic:
Fabakary Tombong Jatta

Seedy Njie

Maimuna Ceesay

Kebba Lang Fadera

Fatou K. Jawara

The press release however must be premised on a publication in the Gazette to make the nomination legal. Foroyaa has searched for a copy of the Gazette to confirm the legality of the nomination to no avail.

It is important for the Gambian people to get used to the fact that no proclamation, appointment or nomination is legal unless the notice is published in the Gazette. Hence social media should not speculate on appointments or nominations. The laws of The Gambia do not leave any room for speculation on appointments. The appointments should be published in the gazette in advance before any oath of any sort is taken. We, therefore, call upon the Attorney General to speed up the request for such publication to be done in advance to avoid speculations in the future. We will now proceed to follow the swearing ceremony today and inform our readers about who become the next Speaker after the change of the government in 2016.