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The APRC administration found a tolerant Gambia in place where religions and sects in religions chose to co-exist in peace. This tolerance has been evolving over the years. Now there are inter faith and intra faith committees designed to promote better understanding among religious sects and between religions. Nationals of African countries should be united by their humanity to create the free society which would enable each to be an ambassador of one’s religion or a sect by being a role model for humanity of all beliefs and philosophical inclinations in terms of good conduct so that mischief would be wiped out from the face of the earth. Hence as Dr Naik’s lectures continue to be broadcast over GRTS people should see it as the opinion of a person which may or may not be convincing to some. This lecture should not change the duty of the sovereign Gambian people to join our diverse people to prove our humanity. Tolerance of diversity is the only way to avoid mischief.  ]]>

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