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Fire Outbreak Ravages Pipes of Golden Lead Fishmeal Factory


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By Hatab Nyang

A fire outbreak at the dumpsite behind Golden Lead Fishmeal Factory in Gunjur Beach on the 1st July, 2021 had caught many pipes that belong to Golden Lead Fishmeal Factory which are laid a few metres away from the factory.

The cause of the inferno is unknown.

People on the beach and Golden Lead tried to extinguish it and they were partly successful. Fire and rescue service from the airport came after more than two hours.

According to a fire service officer in Gunjur Beach, the nearest fire and rescue service from Brikama, their vehicle had a breakdown. Before the fire service from the airport arrived, the people did their part by extinguishing the said fire. 

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Golden Lead Fishmeal Factory used their vehicles transporting water while some people used their pans and other containers to pour on the fire before the arrival of the fire service. 

Many complained that Gunjur should by now have a fire and rescue service station, so that instances like this can be tackled swiftly. They argued that Gunjur is one of the biggest towns in the country with the biggest fishing center.

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