Fiery battle for Gambia wrestling squad captain


By Sulayman Bah

Gambia national team wrestling captain Leket Bu Barra is in for a tricky duel after accepting an offer to take onLeket Bu Bara Farafenni-based wrestler Balla Star, Foroyaa Sport can report.

Leket is one of the country’s most heralded arena stars and has come in for adulations after putting out a jaw-dropping performance in the recently staged Ecowas wrestling competition hosted by Senegal.

Fresh from arriving from that event, Leket wasted little time to begin his season, finishing as winner of the Burr Promotion 86kg category –beating a bevy of big-names en route to the finals.

While he remains feared and undefeated for over four terms since resurrection of Gambia wrestling in 2012, pundits believe he’d gotten himself entangled in a tricky affair after accepting a promoter’s proposal to wrestle Balla Star.

Balla Star is an unknown in the domestic championship but has been accumulating a number of victories in Farafenni. On account he’s little known and giving his number of wins, Leket many believe is in for fiery match.