FGRA Commissioner General Receives Honorary Award from QCell


By: Kebba AF Touray

 The Commissioner General (CG) of the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), Yankuba Darboe, has been conferred an honorary award by QCell on the occasion of the official launching of the 5G Network, on Friday 2nd June 2023.

The award signifies the cordial relations between GRA and QCell, that has earned QCell multiple awards as most compliant taxpayer, and also the firm interest and compliance stance of QCell in fulfilling its tax regulation.

Reacting on the award, CG Darboe said that tax payment is not easy albeit it is an obligation for everybody to do, but the question remains whether the companies are coming forward to pay their taxes and paying their taxes on time.

“So, among the group of companies that we have, Q Group is one company that is always paying their taxes on time regardless of tax type. They are always on time and we have that relationship with them such that they are not among the group of companies that are giving us problems,” he said.

He added “Our relationship is very strong and I think that is why they decided for those institutions that they have longstanding relationship that they give them award like what we received on the night of the official launch of the 5G”.

He regarded QCell as one the most tax compliant, even though not necessarily the largest taxpayer, adding that the largest taxpayer may be there but may not be the most compliant.

“So, if you follow up our categories of tax awards that we give as GRA, we have the most compliant taxpayers, meaning that company or individual always pay on time, he comes forward without any force, enforcement and audit and they pay on time. So, for them they among our most compliant taxpayers, so our relationship is very cordial, and that is why I think they feel like they should give us that award,” he said.

He expressed elation with receiving the honorary award from QCell, stating that if they have companies with institutions that are compliant and are doing what they are supposed as far as their tax obligation is concerned, they will maintain that relations, which goes to help country in providing infrastructural development and other needs of the country.

“So, I feel proud to be associated with them and I feel very happy to receive that prize. This signifies that they will continue to pay their taxes and they may even do more the fact that they awarded GRA in the program that means that their mind is centered on their tax obligation,” CG Darboe expressed.

On meeting their 2023 revenue collection target, he explained that as the head of tax authority, he is always hopeful, and that they still have a long way to go with another six months to go.

“So far so good, the target that was set for us so far so good we are on track, and I believe that at the end of the day we will be able to achieve the target. It is a big amount but with hard work, dedication and compliance from our esteem taxpayers I believe we will be able to achieve it,” he expressed optimism.

He said that they still have a lot to collect, as the total revenue collection target that they are supposed to collect is D15.2 billion, and as at last month, they still have almost D9 billion to collect, which shows that they are almost there, adding that the said what has been collected resulted in the five months of collection.

“We have a remaining seven months to go, as June collection is not accounted for, so we will have technically 7 months to go and what we have to collect will go around the balance up to the end of last month will be standing around D9 billion,” he said.

He advised the taxpayers to be complaint when it comes to payment of their taxes as The Gambia is a tax-based economy, and the fact that the people are making an economic activity in the country, it is the obligation of the people to pay their taxes on time.

He urged “Simply because if you pay your taxes, you will have security, infrastructural development and then the country will be moved in the direction that you want and will make you to do business that you want to do without disturbance, but you cannot be making business and then you are hiding behind the scene while other people are paying their taxes, and that money those people is where we maintain our security, do our infrastructural development and maintain the government”.