An operational audit on the ferry services is urgent and should no longer be postponed in order to avoid a looming disaster. The country would recall that passengers on board a ferry moving from Barra to Banjul in March 2023 had to spend the time they went on board at 11pm up to 5am to wait for the ferry to dock. Many families could not go to bed as they spoke to their loved ones to give them courage not knowing what would happen.

The signals are clear. What happened to La Diola is still fresh in the minds of people. A disaster that is lured cannot be called an accident. It is better to raise alarm while danger looms. The news that came to Foroyaa before going to press that Kanilai was stuck near the wharf should send signals that the time is ripe for the auditor general to do an operational audit so that the shortcomings would be identified and remedy sought to address them before they result to a horrible disaster that none will be able to forget.