Father Solicits Overseas Medical Assistance For Son


By: Aja Musu Bah-Daffeh

Alhagi Gibba of Faraba Banta, seeks overseas medical assistance for his 29 year-old son who suffers from left sided weakness and headaches, characterized by generalized body pain which goes on and off.

According to the medical report of the patient from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), Bakary Gibba has a background history of being sick since childhood.

“An CT-Scan was done which was suggestive of a thrombosed aneurysm but also looks like a tumour. An MRI abroad is strongly recommended to establish the diagnosis and possibly further treatment,” the medical report stated.

An examination by the aforementioned hospital indicated that the patient has left sided hemiparesis, limping gait, hyper-reffexia of the left upper limb, hyper-reffexia of the left lower limb, but no clonus, as well as negative babinski.

The worried father asserted that he is a subsistence farmer and cannot afford to pay the bills involved for his son’s treatment.

“Whenever my son’s headache becomes severe, I get medicines from the pharmacy to relieve his pain. He is going through severe pain and his health is deteriorating by the day because he barely moves now,” Mr. Gibba lamented.

He however added that he has over 15 children to manage and his financial background is not stable.

He therefore urge the Government, philanthropists, NGOs and well-to-do individuals to come to his aid to foot his son’s medical bills.

For any assistance, Gibba can be contacted on 7361736 / 3248506.