Father Seeks Support for his Son to Undergo Treatment Overseas


By Ndey Sowe

Babucarr Mbye, a resident of Banyanka in the Kombo North District of West Coast Region, on Friday February 19th 2021, walked into the Offices of Foroyaa, and sought assistance for his son, who has a respiratory problem to undergo treatment abroad.

According to Babucarr, his son could not be treated in The Gambia, adding a doctor recommended for him to be immediately taken overseas for treatment.

“My son is just one and half months old and I do not have the financial means to facilitate his overseas treatment. As a result, I have come here to seek for help from Government, the private sector, NGO’s and any good Samaritan, who can facilitate this for my son to go overseas for treatment,” he lamented.

According to the medical report of his son obtained from VERTEX diagnostic, Sait Mbye, the one and a half months old is suffering from systolic tumor and respiratory distress. And upon examination, the young Sait’s medical report shows echo-cardiography which indicates the dimensions of the chambers of the patient’s heart are normal and functioning.

However, Sait’s medical report continued that his main pulmonary artery arises from LV whilst the aorta arises from RV; that this finding is consistent with transposition of the greater arteries; adding the MV indicates mild regurgitation; no stenosis, and another scan showed mild regurgitation and no stenosis.

The report indicates that other valves reported no stenosis, no regurgitation and no pericardial effusion as well as no intra-cardiac mass or thrombus.

The report’s conclusion showed a transposition of the great arteries and a normal bi-ventricular systolic function; that apical muscular VSD and mild regurgitation of MV and TV were also seen.

For any assistance to young Sait Mbye, his father Babucarr Mbye can be reached on the following mobile phone numbers: 7420032 or 7185392.