Father Seeks Assistance for His Two-month Baby to Undergo Urgent Treatment Overseas


By Foroyaa Reporter

Mustapha Sallah, the father of a two-month baby, is seeking financial assistance for his child to undergo overseas treatment.

According to a medical report from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), Alagie Mod Sillah was born at the Bundung Maternal and Child Health Hospital with no complications during delivery.

However, the report stated that the child was noticed to have a patent anal opening and was referred to the neonatal unit of the EFSTH.

“A surgical review was sought and on further examination, the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction due to imperforated anus was made, associated with hypospadias. An X-rays confirmed the diagnosis and the patient’s parents consented for emergency exploratory Laparotomy,” the medical report said.

The medical report further said a double loop colostomy was performed on the patient and he had an uneventful postoperative course in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“The child currently needs definitive surgery which is currently not performed in-country for his anal malformation. The advice is for the patient to seek pediatric surgical management overseas,” the medical report said.

Mr. Sallah said the doctors suggested to him that his child could be treated in Turkey, Canada, America, Italy or England.

For assistance, he can be reached on the following numbers: 9989982, 3459943 or 7989094.