Faraba-Sutu Youth Seek Assistance in Market Building Project


By Nelson Manneh

The youth of Faraba-Sutu village solicit assistance from philanthropists to continue with the construction of their village market.

Through a proposal which was written and accompanied by a draft budget shared with different institutions for possible assistance a few months ago, the Association explained the reasons why they want to build a market for the village and its surroundings.  

Kaddy Sanyang, Vice President of the Association said the youth of Faraba-Sutu are committed to their village’s development.

“We came together and came up with the idea of building a village market but we knew that we have no funds with us. So we wrote a proposal and shared it with different institutions but we received only few responses,” she said; that the objectives of the project include providing a conducive and clean selling space for villagers and those in the surroundings, promote local trade within the village and its surroundings, and to ensure people eat what they grow and grow what they eat.

“We want to foster social cohesion among villagers especially among women and promote gardening, fishing and other agricultural activities that can generate income for the villager’s year round,” she said; that the youth of the village have started making blocks and digging the foundation of the market.

“We will continue to strive hard in order to achieve our aim but we know without financial assistance, it will be difficult to complete the market in a short period of time,” she said.

Alieu Sanyang the Alkalo of Faraba-Sutu said over the years, the hard-working women and youth of the village have faced challenges and difficulties in selling their farm and garden produce; that they transport their produce to Brikama on a daily bases in order to sell them, especially during the dry season when gardening is at its peak.

“These women with all their hard work, do not have the opportunity to sell their produce within the village despite their population,” he said. The Alkalo said villages like Sohm, Amdalie and Tumani-Tenda are just a few meters away, and this gives an added advantage for them to make good use of the market, when completed.