Family of Mentally ill pleads for corpse before 40th day


By Sailu Bah The family of the mentally ill person who was reported shot during the December 30 Bakary Bojang, alias “Gosso”attack on state house is pleading to the authorities to give them access to the corpse before the 40th day charity. According to a family source, the body of Bakary Bojang, alias “Gosso” a mentally ill person who was reportedly shot dead during the 30 December attack is still kept at the Francis Small Teaching Hospital mortuary, for up to 35 days now.The source said since the incident happened, they still cannot get access to see their loved-one. The source also revealed that the family has gone ahead in making both the 3 days charity and 7 days charity for Bakary Bojang, adding that, now that the 40 days charity is approaching as required by tradition they are pleading to the authorities to hand over the body of their loved-one. “We really would like to have access to the corpse so that we can give him a fitting burial as well as make a charity for him on the 40th day” remarked the family source. In a visit to the family home at the Gloucester Street/Samjack Terrace junction, one could see Bakary’s mother in a somber mood on her sick bed and in tears unable to speak to this reporter. The source further revealed that the mother has been living like this since she heard about the sad news of his son. According to the source, Bakary’s mother hardly eats properly. Relatives and neighbours found at the home also pleaded to the authorities for Bakary’s corpse to be finally handed over to the family to afford him a fitting burial. Bakary is said to be in his early 30s, and has been insane for some years now. ]]>