Family Members Cannot Trace Dawda Bojang’s Parents for 22 Days


By Mustapha Jallow It’s now 22 days since the arrest and disappearance without trance of a mother (Fatou Sonko) and father (Essa Bojang), respectively, of  ex-GAF military officer, Dawda Bojang  who is reported to have been killed  during the 30th December 2014, armed attack on state house, the President’s residence in Banjul. According to a source, the two parents are still missing from the public view; adding that they have made desperate efforts in search of their whereabouts but all went in vain.  He mentioned the various police stations they visited, the most recent being the police headquarters in Banjul but to no avail, as they were told that their relatives are not with them. However, a source said the reason(s) for their arrest and long disappearance without trace is not known to them as they are worried and still continue to search for their loved once. Family members are still calling on the said authorities to investigate the whereabouts of their relatives and facilitate their release as they are not charged with any crime.  ]]>