Alhagi CeesayEbou Joberecent statements made by a Gambian Diplomat Mr Samsudeen Sarr. He was responding to Susan Rice National Security adviser to the President of the United States of America. Families members then issued a statement “to present further evidence to set the records straight.” According to the release, “In a statement released by the White House Susan Rice, a former US Permanent Representative to the UN (and now advisor to President Obama) said, The United States is deeply concerned about credible reports of torture, suspicious disappearances – including two American citizens.”FAMILIES OF TWO MISSING US CITIZENS 2 The release noted that Mr Sarr in response to Ms Rice’s statement is quoted as follows: “reports of the two missing Americans – Alhagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, is nothing but another dubious story fed to US authorities by the enemies of President Jammeh…” The deputy chief of mission at the United Nation’s further went on to say “Nothing is more absurd than the arrest of foreign FAMILIES OF TWO MISSING US CITIZENSinvestors or prospective business partners going to The Gambia to perform positive work. Hundreds go there every year to invest without incidents…” According to the release, Alhagie and Ebou went to the Gambia to inTheir bagsvest and contribute to The Gambia economy. The two had a lease agreement for the office space they rented while in The Gambia. The family provided the following as a copy of the lease agreement signed by Ebou Jobe.]]>