By Rohey Jadama The former Minister of Works, Ousman Badjie, yesterday 15th December,Ousman Badjie 2014 pleaded Not Guilty to all the five counts for which he is chargedbefore Justice Abi of the High Court. When the matter was called, Hadi Saleh Barkum, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and M. Mendy appeared for the state whilst Lamin S. Camara represented the accused person. DPP applied for a five minute stand down to check which court the case is reassigned to, there was no objection from the defence and it was granted. DPP told the court that it has been checked and the file was now before the court. “We have already filed an indictment dated 9th December, 2014”, said DPP. L.S Camara intimated to the court that the defence has not been served with the said indictment, which contains Exhibits, Summary of evidence and list of witnesses, which he said will help them to prepare their defence. Replying to the defence, DPP said it will be made available to the counsel before the next adjourned date. “My lord there is a motion before this court in response to the bail conditions and I wish to apply for it to be reviewed”, said L. S Camara. DPP said the issue of bail is a matter between the court and the applicant. L. S Camara argued that the bail issue can be raised at anytime and is a constitutional right. The motion on notice by the defence is an order for a review of the ruling of this court dated 10th December, 2014 granting the applicant bail, or in the alternative, an order varying the conditions of bail granted to the applicant by this court on 10th December, 2014 from D10, 000,000.00 and any further order this court deems fit to make. The affidavit in support of the motion is sworn to by one Kebba Sanneh, a Legal Clerk at Dandimayo Chambers and contains 14 paragraphs. He said he has the authority of the applicant to depose to the affidavit. That the applicant was arraigned and granted bail by this court on Wednesday the 10th, 2014. That he is informed by counsel Lamin S. Camara and believes this to be true that the applicant could not meet the onerous terms of the bail conditions as granted by this court and was returned to the state central Prisons Mile 2. The motion stated that the applicant is a father of several children and has never had any problem with the law. That the sum the applicant is charged with is D1,134,000,000 (1 million 134 thousand dalasis) whilst bail is granted in the sum of D10,000,000 (ten million dalasis). That the applicant’s family and friends are willing, but are finding it extremely difficult to meet the said conditions imposed by the court. That the applicant has people ready and willing to act as surety for him in the event that the court grants this application, on less stringent terms. That he is informed by Counsel Lamin S. Camara and he truly believes this. That the court has the jurisdiction to grant the application. That unless this court orders the applicant’s release, he will continue to languish in detention till the end of  trial. That it is in the interest of justice that the application be granted. That he made this statement to the best of his knowledge, information and belief.  ]]>