The European Union came into being to promote democracy, human rights and development among its members, with great hope that it will never go to war again. It has been so devastating to her people. The attack on Ukraine by Russia and the reaction of the NATO allies is now redrawing the map of Europe on the basis of war alliance than alliance for development. Another catastrophic history of an unexpected war is gradually creeping in. The security council of the United Nations appears powerless since its members with veto powers are now part of the conflict. Russia appeared cornered after annexing territories in Ukraine it claims to be part of Russia. Ukraine considers such territories to be part of Ukraine and is ready to launch a counter offensive to reclaim them. NATO is providing weapons and Russia is also seeing those supplies to be an act of war meriting a military response. Those weapons of NATO are going to be used in Ukrainian soils. It would be difficult to imagine what Ukraine would look like after all the offensives and counter offensives. Who will help to put an end to the war that is making the economies of both Russia and Ukraine to sink and become enemies rather than good neighbours. The purpose of the United Nations was to bring peace and development, but these objectives are being torn to shred and narrow nationalism which has been the cause of two world wars, is brewing in Russia and Ukraine, turning them into enemies fighting fierce battles that will  only lead to deaths of Ukrainians and Russians that is without end in sight.

What the world should be mindful of is the drone technology that is being used in the war falling into the hands of non state actors and thus threatens every state in the world. We hope those who are heads of state in the world would see the urgent need to settle the war in Ukraine and save the country from destruction of infrastructure or deaths among its population.